When will Arona and Antonio Rogerio Nogueira "Minotoro" get a shot at silva? I mean they have the tools I believe to take him out, and they have the credientals and wins to desearve a shot. When will they get a chance, who do they have to beat next?and why is pride denying them the chance to fight Silva? Look at thier records!!!!!!!!!

First Antonio

Win Kazushi Sakuraba Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE-Shockwave 2003 12/31/2003
Win Kazuhiro Nakamura Submission (Armbar) PRIDE 25-Body Blow 3/16/2003
Win Guy Mezger Decision (Split) PRIDE 24-Cold Fury 3 12/23/2002
Win Tsuyoshi Kohsaka Decision (Unanimous) DEEP 2001-6th Impact 9/7/2002
Loss Vladimir Matyushenko Decision (Unanimous) UFO-Legend 8/8/2002
Win Yusuke Imamura TKO (Guillotine Choke) PRIDE 20-Armed and Ready 4/28/2002
Win Jim Theobald Submission (Armbar) HOOKnSHOOT-Overdrive 3/9/2002
Win Katsuhisa Fujii TKO (Armbar) DEEP 2001-2nd Impact 8/18/2001

I think he has better striking and take down defense skills than his older brother even.

Now Arona

Win Murilo Rua Decision PRIDE 23-Championship Chaos 2 11/24/2002
Win Dan Henderson Decision (Split) PRIDE 20-Armed and Ready 4/28/2002
Win Guy Mezger Decision (Split) PRIDE 16-Beasts From The East 9/24/2001
Win Gustavo Machado TKO (Punches) Rings-10th Anniversary 8/11/2001
Win Jeremy Horn Decision (Majority) Rings-10th Anniversary 8/11/2001
Win Hiromitsu Kanehara Submission (Kneebar) Rings-World Title Series 2 6/15/2001
Loss Fedor Emelianenko Decision (Unanimous) Rings-King of Kings 2000 Block B 12/22/2000
Win Jeremy Horn Decision (Split) Rings-Millennium Combine 3 8/23/2000
Win Andrei Kopylov Decision (Unanimous) Rings-Millennium Combine 1 4/20/2000

Arona's only loss is to Fedor the fucking machine, and that was a decision, you have to reember Feder is the # 1 ranked heavy weight out thier today, and Arona is a light heavy. plus Arona is the Abu Dhabi absolte and super fight world champ. Who else is more deserving for a title shot against Silva than him?

makes too much sense.

Thank for your vote of confidence CharlesFFA/AFA:-)))

both of these btt guys would give him a run for his money and then some.

Actually another tough guy from top team that could make big trouble for him would be Paulo Filho, has to gain maybe 15 pounds first though. Paula is as tough as nails.

Win Silmar Rodrigo Decision (Unanimous) BCN 3-Bitetti Combat Nordeste 3 4/1/2004
Win Akira Shoji Submission (Armbar) PRIDE 22-Beasts From The East 2 9/29/2002
Win Yuki Kondo Decision (Unanimous) DEEP 2001-2nd Impact 8/18/2001
Win Ikuhisa Minowa Decision (Unanimous) Pancrase-Proof 2 3/31/2001
Win Keiichiro Yamamiya KO (Punches) DEEP 2001-DEEP 2001 1/8/2001
Win Luiz Claudio das Dores Submission (Punches) Heroes-Heroes 1 7/24/2000

When did he say that? hahhahah I never heard that about little Nog:-))))))

All I heard was that he told pride he wanted a shot at Silva if he beat Guy Mezger which he did. He has since beaten both Sakuraba Decision (Unanimous) PRIDE-Shockwave 2003 12/31/2003 and Win Kazuhiro Nakamura armbar. He should fight Jackson and the winner of that should get a chance at silva. Arona IMO does not have to fight anyone else to deserve a title shot, he has allready earned it, again in IMO

Little Nog, might I add has great take down defense, and some of the best boxing skills out thier, not to mention his great ground fighting. After all he works out every day with big nog and guys like busta and mario sperry to mention just a few. He is ready, if not big Nog :-))))) will make him ready if given a few months time. and is always getting better with each fight. Arona I believe would win via a g@p decision, maybe boring but a win none the less.

What do you guys think?

Arona is the #1 MMA fighter statistically, isnt he?

Arona would win a boring decision that would look quite similar to tito vs. silva.

Little nog may have a chance but i think it would be a slim one and I see silva winning a decision if not a tko but more likely a decision.

Arona despite being "boring" and his disputed wins def. deserves it.

But perhaps he 'should' fight Rampage first for the 'rights?'

Minotoro is def. up and coming but doesnt deserve it just quite yet.