Arona would beat Couture!!

well, maybe not.

But at least bring him, or some other "new meat" to the octagon and lets all find out............

I cant believe he lost to Quinton. I don't think he'd lose to Quinton in a rematch.

Arona is the best.

I'd lay big money on Arona to win (VS Rampage) in a rematch!!

Heh, if it went to decision Arona would win.

Arona is the king of winning Decisions for no reason.

Arona has to be the least exciting fighter ever. Although he did look a lot better in his fight with Q. I would bet the farm on Quenton if they fought again.

I think if Arona were as aggressive (both standing and on his back) as he was against Rampage, he could very well beat Randy. And no, I don't think it would matter if it were in a ring or in a cage.

I agree wholeheartedly with Smokin' that the UFC definitely needs some variety in the LHW division (HW too, for that matter; one sub guy and a bunch of brawlers just isn't good enough these days). Too often, if one fighter can just neutralize a single aspect of another's game, they're home free, because as good as the UFC fighters are in those two divisions (and certainly they have some of the best in the world), most of them still seem to be rather limited in their weapons. And every one of the current LHWs is essentially helpless on his back.

arona did look great humping hendo's leg...[/sarcasm]

Randy would gas him out

Good matchup for Couture, as is Rampage.

What Arona brings to the table is good wrestling AND good BJJ.

I think Rampage is the only one at 205 that would be a test for Randy,he has great wrestling,good stand up plus he is super strong for that weight class-just like Randy.

He'd be a good match, but I don't see him submitting Randy.

Arona seems to be a better fighter from top position than from Guard. I rarely see him try subs from guard.

Silva's the man for Couture. I want to see Randy deal with his level of aggression...

I think he might. He's not the kind of guy Randy should want to fight. He looked real good against Quinton... until, well you know.

Arona subs would definetly give Randy a problem if he was dedicated to chaining them the whole fight.

It's going to take a takedown and control machine to beat Couture. Arona could be it. I also think Arona might be VERY vulnerable to Couture's "tie you up until you're traumatized like a sexual assault victim" gameplan though.