Art imitates life...

Saw "I Am Legend" last night, and could think of only one thing....Fukkin RONIS!!!

you give it a "thumbs up"?

Yup, we win in the end! But alas, this might be where it's all just fiction.

sheds tear for our future

so worth 9 bux?

Matinee definitely...Good with theater effects.

okay. will go. hate wil smith though

I actually like Will Smith, but I hardly go to movies.  I have to say that my hands down favorite is Denzel Washington.  He never does a bad movie.  American Gangster is top notch. 

Watched it at

Good movie, shit was free lol

I'm reading the book now.

TTT for watching movies for free!!

I didn't like it. Too many plot holes and dumbness for me

Yes there were some "holes" in the story, but for the most part it was entertaining. Again, i think worthy of a matinee.

Sometimes we gotta jus put the analytical side to rest

i just watched it at home. i wouldn't pay to watch it at a theater.

i liked it. give it a 3/5. woulda been a 4/5 but i can't fuggin stand wil smith. i hate him. wtf do they keep using that assmunch.

I think we're all getting away from the original point of this post...fukkin ronis!!!