Art Of The Slam - Highlight Video

Omigod, that was soooooo, like, eight months ago.......

well i missed it 8 months ago so thanks for the repost

me too, thanks for the repost EM

Yeah it's old...But someone asked me for it the other day...So we all get to enjoy it again...Nice highlight...:)

New to me.


Nice!!! ttt

It is a cool vid, though....

Nice, I was waiting for the Fulton slam.



I didnt see it before great vid thanks.


I've never seen it before. They stole the music from the Zambidis HL vid though. Other than that, it's awesome.

That shit was nuts.

After watching that I need to goto the chiropractor.

nice work whoever did that.

Whats the link?

That was Frank trying pull his punch at the last second I believe.

Every time I see the Randleman/Fedor slam I always wonder why he wasn't automatically DQd. Slamming on the neck is illegal. Sure, things happen that you can't always control, but when you intentionally spike someone on their head....

nice video on that one...I've never seen it before....good post...

great vid..., by god that fedor slam was brutal..., if that had been me I'm pretty sure I'd be in a wheelchair right now....or worse..

Love the music too..., anyone know the name of that song?


Beautiful! I saw this vid ages ago, but forgot to TTT it for my threads.... thanks for bringing it back!