Artem: First Khabib came alone, then with bros

Artyom Lobov, an Irish fighter of Russian origin, again made himself felt in an interview with reporters. The Legend recalled the conflict with Nurmagomedov.

- After that incident at the hotel, you stated that you should definitely talk one-on-one with Habib. Do you think such a meeting will happen?

- I can’t know, to be honest. We then had the option of meeting him. Habib came up alone at first, we talked alone, and after that he walked away for a couple of minutes and came with a crowd of his friends. At that moment - this was the only time we talked to him. The situation was strange, I stood with the phone, gave interviews to UFC reporters, so I couldn’t really talk. He asked: “Why did you say that?”, And I replied that he had offended my friend, and that he would have answered in my place the same, if not tougher. Then he went away and returned with the crowd and began to ask the same thing. I answered exactly the same. He asked me about twenty times. It was even strange. He asks the same thing, and I answer the same thing.

- Were you confused in that situation?

- Confused - 100%. I tell you, the situation was unnatural. It was not clear what to do. He leads the UFC card, and I'm in some kind of preliminaries. Plus, he's with the crowd, and I'm alone. Before that, he was talking to me alone, literally 2 minutes ago. Yes, the conversation was hostile, but he did nothing and left. I tried to work out everything in my head, what to do next. We are not on the street. A difficult situation. It was possible to react differently, but is was what it was. I need to move forward.

Artem adding new details years later lmao.

Honest Lee - 

Artem adding new details years later lmao.

he had always said khabib talked to him alone, went away, then came back with a bunch of friends. He didn’t waver from that part of the story.

We all know how that crew operates. They will jump you. Hell the were going to jump their own teammate in DC because he hurt Khabib in grappling.