Artem Lobov vs Elon Musk


Doesn’t really seem like this is a versus situation


Versus is the other thing, mate

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Why’s everyone sucking Elon’s dick on Twitter now? This still over the Bitcoin thing? Guy burns millions of dinosaurs sending 100% pointless rockets into space and making scam cars, idk how anyone’s taking this seriously.

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Yeah, everyone knows tesla is not real


You sound like a bitter and jealous ex-girlfriend.

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Because I don’t approve of how Tesla markets itself to gullible consumers?

No. By making baseless claims.

Scam cars?

You may not like Elon but you must give the man credit. He is a genius.

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Yes constant delays to the delivery date, backing down after making a claim regarding future ranges to get a headline, intentionally misleading specs on the cyber truck, blatantly lying about ETA for “new” tech, twisting the narrative on their “green” energy while taking advantage of slave labor, all things that make them a scam in my opinion. I’m not even talking about Elon, I’m talking about Tesla. He’s a whole different story.

I won’t argue the Tesla side as I’m not familiar enough with it.

Odd that you specifically quoted the part about the cars then, but I commend you tapping out before digging that hole any deeper.

I pointed out scam cars part because when you said “scam” you made it seem like the cars weren’t real. I obviously read into your context wrong.

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Hahaha all good man! The cars not existing would certainly be one hell of a conspiracy lol

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