Arthrokinetics Review

I have just recently viewed the new Arthrokinetics video series. I know how hard it can be for people to choose which videos to buy, and I am sure there are some lurkers in this forum who are grappling with the idea of purchasing this series or one of Scott's other ones.
I have spoken on other threads about not letting people choose how you should train or what you should discover. This includes letting a review make up your mind. You have to experience these things for yourself! This advice is not only for Scott's material but also for anything. Imagine that you never ate Greek food because you read a bad review on a website. So what good is a review then? Well, one thing it can do is function as an impartial account of what is on actually on the tapes. No hype, no marketing just a story about what one person saw when he watched these tapes. That is what I would like to offer to anyone who is interested.

First, let me say that the production is what I have come to expect from Mr. Sonnon. This is a very well produced product with no audio or video problems. You can here what he is saying/describing at all times and Scott is very aware that there are times when he needs to shift in order to provide an optimal angle for better viewing.

Content: I am not going to break down what Scott covers in each tape (anyone who has even seen a few minutes of one tape would be laughing their head off at this idea) instead here is "basically" what he does.
This tape series is exactly as it is marketed: a study of biomechanical joint manipulation. What is that? Well, imagine sitting in an anatomy class. The professor is going over the anatomical make-up of various sections of the body. The professor uses charts and models to illustrate how the knee and shoulder work, how they are constructed and the various interrelations in the body. As class continues the teacher takes one of your classmates and begins to illustrate how by applying our understanding of the physical makeup of the human body we can control, manipulate and damage. Does this sound like an interesting class?

Years ago I spent time sitting in my University library looking at anatomy books trying to figure out exactly what Scott has offered up in this series. He has taken a look at the structure and function of the body and applied this knowledge to joint manipulation. You may think you already know "how", this video will show you "why" right down through the skin and bones. And if you are wondering why the "why" is important, just imagine the improvisational possibilities. (No really....IMAGINE)

I haven't counted the number of examples on the tapes, nor will I tell you how many tricks are on them or how many times Scott makes his partners moan or scream. This is a university course on grappling. As a course it makes demands on you. You have to engage the material, you have to enter the language of study and you have to above all else think.

I hope this helps,

Shawn Mozen

If I could add a summary:

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