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This one is from the UGA school newspaper. Another good article.

Student to battle for title of 'Ultimate Fighter'

Published , January 18, 2005, 06:00:01 AM EDT

Between going to classes and working as a University police officer, Forrest Griffin was working toward a dream -- becoming the Ultimate Fighter. And now, he may be only a few punches away from that goal.

Griffin, 25, is one of 16 contestants from across the nation on Spike TV's "The Ultimate Fighter" reality series. Each contestant trains under intense supervision and two contestants fight at the end of the week to keep his position and work towards being declared the Ultimate Fighter.

The contestants were chosen because of their accomplishments as athletes, with skills ranging from wrestling, kickboxing and karate to judo and Jiu-Jitsu.

Fighters are split into two weight classes and there will be a winner from each class, according to the shows Web site, (

Some people may not want to watch the show because they assume Ultimate Fighting is a barbaric sport. But Ultimate Fighting is not as brutal as it is conceived to be, said Rory Singer, owner of Hardcore Gym in Athens.

"There are a lot of misconceptions from the old days of no gloves and no rules," he said. "Today, the sport is very regulated and sanctioned. There are lots of rules and weight classes. It gets a bad rap from how it used to be. But it is nothing like that now."

Griffin, coming in at 6 feet 2 inches tall and 205 pounds, is more than qualified to participate on the show, offering expertise in several areas of martial arts, said Frank Bishop, a friend of Griffin's.

"Forrest trains in kickboxing, wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu," he said. "He has fought locally in Georgia, as well as in Brazil, South Africa, New Mexico, Colorado. (His) style of fighting encompasses aspects of each martial art."

Griffin began training about five years ago at the Hardcore Gym in Athens and had a natural talent for the sport, said Singer, who is also Griffin's training partner.

"Forrest is the most amazing athlete that has ever walked through the doors of my gym," Singer said. "He is so dedicated. Since he started, he has been training here consistently, working his butt off every day."

As Griffin trained and won more fights, he became recognized in the fighting world as a major competitor, so much so that he was contacted by Spike TV to be on the reality show, which is not the way it typically happens, Singer said.

"He was becoming known as an up-and-comer and people were talking about him," he said. "Then he got a call from the people at Spike TV, and they wanted him on the show. So he quit his job to follow his dream."

While Griffin may be tough in the ring, he is truly a gentleman who just likes to have a good time, Singer said.

"He is a charismatic, bright, hardworking guy," he said. "Forrest is my best friend and my best training partner, just a lot of fun to be around. He is good people."

The winner of the show will not be announced until the live finale on April 9, but Singer said he thinks he knows what the outcome will be.

"I think he'll win," he said. "Some of the guys will give him some hard competition, but the general consensus (at the gym) is that Forrest will win."


I'm hoping that both Forrest and Florian win their weight classes

Great read.. any chance you can link to the first article?

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frankiscool got mentioned but there was no mention of adam singer? that seems like some kind of a traveshamockery.

Nice article

Adam was called but was away over the weekend so could not give his input. Frank and I were the other people she contacted so the article only got our input. Still pretty darn good. Adam was the main person quoted in the Athens Banner Herald article from yesterday.


"Adam was the main person quoted in the Athens Banner Herald article from yesterday"

which I can find... where?



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excellent article...

i think ALL of the Hardcore gym guys are awesome

Forrest Griffin is a nice guy....and a competitor ….I know since last month I competed in the Casca Grossa Championships and had the opportunity to meet Forrest...and compete against Rory Singer in the Finals. Those two guys are a class act. True Sportsmen. They both represent the sport of Mixed Martial Arts well.

For example-In the finals of the PRO DIVISION...a Renzo blackbelt was trying to negotiate with Forrest to throw the fight and split the winnings.

The reason being was that the Brazilian BB was hurt badly in a heel hook by Matt Santos. Matt refused to further injure the BB…and the referee called the fight… but his incessant whining (Pe De Pano style) won the BB another re-start and a win by lay and pray. The Brazilian never went for submissions against Matt Santos…Matt lost the (restart) match…even though he had a secure (audible cartilage tearing) heel hook that was called a win by the ref. GO FIGURE.

Anyway, Forrest considered the offer to throw the match against the experienced black belt. He let the chips fall as they may…and proceeded to kick his whiny ass in the finals. The good guy won. The right way…on the MAT.

I got pics…of the BB negotiating….and of the win. J

go forest and sbgi

maybe he'll get to show off some of those air hockey skills sbgi is famous for on the show :)

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Rory hows it goin bro.....i moved up to auburn so would like to get some training in with the GA boys (emailed cam earlier).....

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