ASA Creates New Award...

ASA Honors the Pioneers of American Sambo:

This year at the 2006 North American Freestyle Sambo Championships we are launching the annual Pioneers of American Sambo award.  This award is intended to recognize individuals who have made great strides towards supporting Sambo in the United States.  We will be giving three awards at this event to mirror our first three years of existence as an association.  Subsequently, we will give one award annually. We are looking for your nominations.  Nominees can be nominated based on several criteria including

1) Competition history;
2) Promotion of Sambo in the US;
3) Literature contributions;
4) Popularization of Sambo in the US;
5) Character attributes that represent the best of our sport;
6) Notable achievements in US Sambo;
7) Any other honorable contributions you may feel appropriate.

If you wish to nominate an award candidate please e-mail the American Sambo Association with you nominee (up to three persons this year), a brief description of your reasons for nomination, and the candidates' resumes of achievements. Send nominations to