ASK Rashard a question

Just have him apologize to Rashad. Or make Rashad punch him in the shoulder.

I here that Intearn Joe is highly edumacated. Inglish Magor??



If U weren't so interested in WANTING other people to like little boys, U too can spell.


Immaculata, stupid.

If U weren't so interested in people, who want people to be interested in little boys, then U too can spell.

Mike, get a life. Or fulfill your fantasy of man/boy love. Just don't include me. I've got proof that I got a woman, just click my profile.

Where's yours?

Maybe U got a taste of it when U were a kid, and now U just want to watch, but stick to the OG for that, bud.

dear radish,
now that you have beat up ice-t who would you like to fight other than forrit?