Askren Slams 'Highway Robbery' From Dana For Not Giving Deserving Fighters Championship Opportunities

‘Doesn’t Give People He Doesn’t Like Title Shots…’

Askren has had enough of White favoring certain fighters over others.

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The UFC is frequently on the receiving end of criticism from the fans for making certain decisions over others, and nowhere does that appear to be a bigger talking point than when discussing title shots.

Though the promotion has rankings, it’s not always the most deserving fighters per the pecking order that get the best opportunities.

Some argue that putting on fights is still a business at the end of the day, so it’s only natural that the UFC would want to put on the matchups that people want to see the most.
That being said, sometimes a fighter who may not be the most entertaining or universally appealing wins so many times in a row that they’re simply undeniable.

Ben Askren has had enough of watching these fighters have to work twice as hard to get their time in the sun.

Askren Calls Out White For Ignoring Fighters Who’ve Earned Title Shots

On the latest episode of Funky & the Champ on Daniel Cormier’s YouTube channel, former UFC fighter Askren ranted about people not getting what they deserve.

He specifically referenced two fighters who with their wrestling orientated styles, don’t always produce the most exciting fights when they step inside the Octagon.

Regardless of this, both Merab Dvalishvili and Belal Muhammad have produced win streaks that should make them undeniable in their divisions.
Askren called out Dana White, accusing him of choosing his favorites over the fighters who are the most deserving in that moment.

“It’s highway robbery and listen, I know you (Cormier) can’t say anything bad about Dana, it’s okay, I can. I freaking hate it when Dana does this s*** and doesn’t give people he doesn’t like title shots because Merab, how many did he win, like nine in a row or something!?”

Askren continued, bringing Muhammad into the conversation whilst using Michael Chandler as a reference point.

“Well yeah, about damn time. Belal’s another one, he’s won how many in a row and doesn’t get one. Some of these guys, and I’m not even mad because I like this guy but Michael Chandler, he came in from Bellator, it might have been off a loss, he won one fight and fought for a belt! Because Dana liked him right and then you have a guy like Belal who wins like what, eight or nine in a row? You have Merab, eight or nine in a row.”

Askren himself was often found fighting this battle himself. While his skillset was clearly very effective, the UFC weren’t all that interested in signing him for such a long time because it wasn’t the kind of style that they were excited by.

He rounded off his thoughts by saying that ultimately, he just wants the best for the people that have earned it.

“That’s what I’m saying, it’s so frustrating to watch these guys just struggle and they’re so good.”

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Dana mentioned that Leon was offered 3 fights and said yes to all of them. It’s hard to not assume that Belal must not have been one of the 3. Belal should get his opportunity. With that being said after watching Leon beat Kamura twice and Colby once it is hard imagine that Belal would have anything else to offer Leon that those two did not.

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