Aspen Ladd compares Conor to Ronda

“I think that the only thing that I saw that he handled incorrectly was his post fight interview,” Ladd said, when asked about her opinion of the backlash McGregor has faced in the days following the UFC 264 main event. “But, he was in pain. Like, everybody’s basically crapping all over him, but he’d just broken his leg, he’d just lost a fight. He is not in a good mental place. And anybody hating on him really shouldn’t be. He’s done so much for the sport.

“It’s kinda like, I got that same question as far as—not the same, but: ‘Ronda Rousey, what’s your take on her?’ Everybody should be grateful. Sure, you might want to fight that person. You might want to do that, but these people have elevated the sport. I see nothing but, ‘Great, you did a great job. You helped all of us.’”

Why should people cut either of them slack?

Be an asshole and lose and you will hear chirping

Until they lost everybody everywhere were sucking their balls.

Dont act like that isnt true.

Mma fans are Fairweather fickle faggots.

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I only watched Ronda fight hoping shed lose, honestly

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At least Ronda defended her title.

Her mom’s a slut. You can see her vajayjay on onlyfans.

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it’s the quality of the love and hate he evokes that made him who he is in mma. so saying people should drop the hate is saying he should fight for less

Rhonda was sold
Conner sold himself