At one point i thought MATSUI was very underrated

I convinced myself that any day now, he was going to be a force in the division... Not sure why i just thought of this, but wow... I also thought Akira Shoji was "pretty good" lol Phone Post

The guy who got the gift decision over Pele? Whoa bro

Haha, yeah, I thought they would at least be tough, entertaining fights for most of the division. Phone Post

Ricardo Morais looks like he has the size and technique to give Fedor a lot of trouble Phone Post

Heath herring is unbeatable Phone Post

LOL @ Crocop vs this Gonzaga fella. Couture is gonna get his head kicked off in short order.

 You sure can't criticize Matsui's heart.  Dude had balls to step in against Wandy, Vitor, Igor V, and Rampage.  Not to mention some other world class fighters.

Matsui vs Shoji was an awesome fight

And honestly Shoji wasn't bad for the time. He held his own against Renzo and somehow he even KO'd Wallid, yeah he was never great but he had a ton of heart and drive. Phone Post

 ahhhh the GREAT ole' days

Shoji shouldn'tve been fighting at 205+

Matsui could take a f'n beating!

DeadlySideCheckKick - The guy who got the gift decision over Pele? Whoa bro
That was a great fight! Phone Post

matsui is one of the toughest guys to grace the sport. He took some serious lickings and kept on ticking. Most notably the belfort and ninja fights.

Shoji was phenomenal.

He would've been cutting to at least lightweight if he was American.

 I always thought it was weird that the only guy who came out of Takada Dojo who wasn't tough as nails was Takada himself.

Ttt! Phone Post

Took an epic, if a little stomach churning, Pride style beating from Murilo Ninja.

There was that about him.

When Sakuraba brought Matsui to the USA to fight in KOTC that was a pretty big statement for how the Japanese felt about Matsui's skills and potential. They wanted to showcase top Japanese talent. Phone Post

Matsui was the fucking man. Nobody took a beating as well as this man, and he never stopped coming forward.

Did Rampage fuck up one of his balls during a fight?