at the IFL.......celeb(s)

Well thus far its just Richard Christy from stern, oh and Eddie Goldman. I am suspecting there will be an operational lack of communication as they are opening the doors at 630 but the first fight is 615. Doesn't make sense to have a prelim without an audience

Looks like the gate monkeys can't see the logic and won't ask someone ''in the know''

Porn boy ^

How dare you cockmongers disrespect the IFL, and Richard.....

Richard Christy = awesome drummer

First fight Connor vs LC or LT not sure. Classic striker/grappler the miletich fighter has thunderous punches, Connor nuetralizing him on the ground

sounds lie a good fight thus far

The fights have been great. Palacios choked out renzo's guy. Now dolce vs a TSK guy Lyman Good

Conor won?


Yes he lost, but I disagree. Close fight no doubt, but connor pretty much controlled the 2nd half of rd 1 and both rounds 2 & 3. And had good sub attempts.