Atlantic City

I am heading to Atlantic City in a few weeks for the IFL. Where should I stay? Where should me and my buddies go out to? Never been to the East Coast.

Anyone on the UG that can help I appreciate it.


the fights will be fun, but you should immediately lower your expectations about Atlantic City.  it's mostly a dump.  My first trip out there I expected it to be somewhere in between Reno and Las Vegas, and it turned out it was much worse than Reno.  the casinos are pretty normal, but outside the casinos it's a pretty depressing little city.

that said, what's your budget like, what are your priorities?  I've mostly done AC on the cheap, but have had a few nicer trips as well.

It's gotten better....The Borgata is on the other side....The Tropicana has a nice inside mall with classy stores.  There are new outlets on the strip.....Coach, Banana Republic, Gap, etc.  There is the 40/40 Club that Jay Z owns....


First of all, Sijan is correct. You should lower your expectations. It's
pretty seedy and basically a dump. The Borgata is the only place to stay


the outlets just seem kinda pathetic - yuppydom in the middle of a seedy little slum

the most important question is where are all the hottest girls....and the answer is either the borgata or the tropicana. both have clubs and bars to go to... tropicana is cheaper and becoming a great hotel for hot chics in their 20's.

Caesars is a nice place to stay as well.

If you want a cool little pub to hang out before the fights, ask someone to tell you were the Irish Pub is.

I'll be there as well.


You better hurry and book rooms..heard there's big shrtage that weekend

Thanks guys