Atn. Jamie Levine

Hey man, back in the day you put on a show where Nick Starks vs. Dan Severn was the main event at the Paladium off of I-Drive. I had a grappling match but I don't remember who it was against, pretty cool though getting to grapple in the cage.

I don't remember if you were just promoting or if it was your show. Anyway, can you point me in the right direction on getting a copy of the video for that show?


Hey Anthony, Im sorry I dont have the footage anylonger, All the tapes that I had of the old Paladium got destroyed in a storage unit that got water damage.

I do remember that event but it was not my event I believe it was Nick Starks event.

I have a number of one of his managers at the time share resort he works at , Ill see if I can get you his number.


I got some info for you. Call me, or stop in the Jungle if you dont have my cell and Mike or tom will give it to you.