ATT 2-0 Freestyle Combat Challenge

AFC/FCC 17 Racine Wisconsin

Francisco "Maneol" Soares made his pro debut a successful one winning a judges decision against Mark Miller. Nice job by Maneol.

Emyr "Tubarao" Bussard took a big step up in competition squaring off against veteran Adrian Serrano. Tubarao was able to catch Serrano in a guillotine choke as he attempted to shoot in for a takedown. Tubarao gets the tapout win in the 1st round. Nice win by Tubarao!

Congrats to all the guys who competed last night!

American Top Team

From another thread:

Brian Geraghty over Chase Green - Mounted Triangle R1

Warren Kekabah over Anthony Clause - KO R1

Tommy Lee over Keith Jamison? - Tap to Stikes R1

Joey Clark over Dan Hart - Ref Stoppage? Knees to head R1

John Geraghty over Justin Wisnewski - KO R1

Ron Faircloth over ??? - Tap to strikes 15sec into R1

Francisco Soares over Mark Miller - Dec R2

Bob Gerrits over Jeb Bolware? - KO Slam R1

Nick Thompson over Jesse Chilton - RNC R2

Emyr Bussarde over Adrien Serrano - Guillotine R1

the Soares-Miller fight was a horrible decision.

I was a judge for the fights and I called it a draw with Soares winning rd 1 and Miller winning rd 2. Very close fight though

Fearless Goat will be coming to Ft. Lauderdale, FL to train with ATT for a week in August....I am getting ready for a weeks worth of great training from everyone at ATT....I think this experience will make me a whole different fighter. I am pumped.



The Soares-Miller should have been a draw!!! Round 1 to Soares and Round 2 to Miller.

I was a judge for that fight as well.... I am going to be honest with you, it was a very had fight to judge.

in the first round, Mark was mounted three different times as well as taken down at his opponents will. He did however win the stand up portion of the round. I had to look at it this way, take downs to stand up was even, but you throw in the mounts I had to give the first round to the other guy.

The second round was as hard to judge but with Miller being on his back for almost the entire round....

I really didnt want to give the fight to Soares, I am not a fan of the type of fighting that he was doing durring the bout but had to give him the second round because of control....

I might also add that I am a Mark Miller fan on top of that...

I think that if the fight would have went another round Miller could have gotten a KO. Soares really didnt like getting hit by him and Miller hits hard as hell, Soares was gassing

please dont hold back, you can beat me up over it, I can take it...

I was at the event and agree it was a close fight. The judges definitely got it right though.

Bad decision or not, both guys should be proud. That was one of the best fights of the night. Thompson vs Chilton was pimp as well.

This is the second time that Miller has been in a fight like this.

Two summers ago he fought a guy from Team Tompkins in a two round fight that was an exact mirror of what you saw last Saturday. He did however come away with the decision the last time.

gokart check your mma mail

I was most impressed with Joey Clark. Those were some hard knees he was throwing

We were also told to judge using three things as criteria

Stand up

Take Downs

Submission attempts

Soares had very few submission attempts (two I believe in the second round)






as usual, congrats ATT