ATT 4-0 Masvidal - Big Hurt Win...

American Top Team competed in a local mma show in Miami tonight, and went 4-0! All by TKO or submission!!

ATT's Jorge Masvidal was on another level and just overwhelmed his opponent Brant Rose. After slipping a few punches and a kick, Jorge unleashed a flurry of punches that dropped Brant down in the corner between the ropes. Ref broke the action, and Jorge landed a another big punch, then body locked from behind and landed a belly to back suplex followed by a couple more strikes before the ref finally stopped the match 50 seconds of the first round! 

Jorge justed wanted to stay active in between his next bodog fight which should take place sometime in February. Credit to Brant for steppping up and taking the fight. Jorge has looked tremendous his last three bouts finishing them all by T/KO. Congrats Jorge!

Mario "Big Hurt" Rinaldi didn't waste anytime either taking his opponent (Face Oliver) down and finishing with a keylock at the 44 second mark of round one! Nice win for the big man!

Alexis Vila who won an Olympic Bronze Medal in Freestlye Wrestling from Cuba ('96 Summer Games) made his mma debut with us tonight!

Alexis took on Steve Nelson scoring plenty of big takedowns. In the second round off a takedown scramble Alexis hit a standing guillotine to force the tap and win! Great showing by Alexis who has a bright future ahead in mma! 

Heavyweight Todd Duffee who relocated from Georgia to train with us full-time, won by TKO of round one. Congrats on your first win with ATT!

Great showing by all the guys. Way to finish!


American Top Team



Masvidal is somethin else


niiice job, guys.

It boggles my mind that the UFC hasn't made a run at Masvidal yet. He would be a great addition to an already stacked division.

I'm sure the UFC has shown interest, but I think Jorge is under contract with Bodog?

Congrats guys!

this seems almost unfair...

Jorge is nearly top ten at 155 IMO. I wish M-1 would buy Strikeforce and get him fights against top LW's in Japan!

Congrats! ATT 4 Life!!

congrats ATT

The combined records of there opponents = 4-15???

Masvidal's confidence is through the roof.

ATT is doing an incredible building their stable of fighters...just incredible

"The combined records of there opponents = 4-15???"

^^^^ was wondering about that...especially from their event last week as well.

Eh, it's not like they haven't been fighting tough guys for years (Jorge and Hurt anyway). Still, not much gets proven here.


It says in the first post they were staying busy.

Congrats to all.

Todd "D Brick" Duffee is a monster.  I think he is like 7' 8"  and weighs around 340 with 4% body fat. LOL

any pictures from last night's event?