There alot of thread on the new ufc lightweight division come defend Stout honor. TTT For UFC NEW LW CHAMP STOUT

I like Stout and think he'll beat Florian. I support my canadian brothers but Sherk is a scary scary man at 155.

TTT for sammy stout

hey i love sammy , but to be true i think sherk will be too too big at lightweight to be a thread I see sammy , mark right up there because of there speed and strength combined

One fight at a time, GO SAM!

good luck saturday night bro, beers r on me when u get home.


double post.....sorry

I don't get this "Sherk is too big at 155 for people" argument. Guys like Sammy, Spencer, etc. walk at a heavier weight than Sherk.

it is like the old bodybuilder who couldnt whip his own ass ,sherk would be stive and slow

Using logic in the Sherk fight is just wrong, go with your heart Go SAMMY :)

Sherk walks about the same weight as Sammy. We've never seen Sherk drop that much weight to fight either. A lot of unknowns here to be saying Sherk will do anything.