ATT camp wants Alves vs. Fitch at UFC 112 called Ricardo Liborio, one of the American Top Team leaders, and he confirmed the situation.


“We’re waiting for the analyses from the commission, that is studying the case,” Liborio explains, guaranteeing that the athlete is fine. “He’s super well trained, he wanted this fight for a long time. He’s in a great shape, but it happens… It’s in God’s hands now, there’s nothing we can do”.


According to the coach, Alves is hungry for the fight and, in case he’s free to fight, the rematch with Fitch can happen real soon, but not at this Wednesday’s UFC Fight Night. “We heard about this possibility, but it looks like it won’t happen. He’s pissed off, he really wanted to fight now. After this fight, we’ll see IF we can match this fight to the next UFC, in Abu Dhabi (UFC 112),” Ricardo said. “They are the two of the best welterweight fighters and this fight would determinate who’s the next in line for the title”. Stay tuned for more news in this case.