ATT: Hamilton, Ontario


I'm heading up the first of November and taking a couple of courses at Mohawk College(Fennell). Is this campus considered in the middle of the city. I'm staying at the Vistors Inn Hotel and am thinking of walking to the school. How far is TO?

 Hey Nathan, how long are you going to be in Ontario? If you are here for a couple of months you should do some ice fishing with me. 


Just the 2 weeks Randy. That would be great though.

You might be able to walk from downtown if you have lot of time to it (30-45min).

Buses are good here and you can get from downtown to Mohawk real quick via several different buses.

Your Mohawk Campus is on the escarpment/mountain while you are downtown it appears.

TO is 1hr in good traffic and 1hr30min or more in bad traffic and rush hrs.

Thank you Wiley.

That is what I hear. I never even thought about a bus...LOL....can you say redneck.