ATT in ORLANDO, 7 medals

Yesterday at the Planet Submission, ATT competed with 8 guys and came back home with 7 medal.

Renato Tavares 1St Place advanced 155Lb.

Rodrigo Ramos 1St Place advanced 170Lb.

Tiago Verdini 2Nd place intermediate 170Lb.

Jensheen Vega 2Nd place intermediate 186Lb.

Absolute Division:
Marcos Oliveira 1St

Emir Busade 2Nd

Rodrigo Ramos 3Rd

Thanks and Cogratulations Guys, was the first tournament for us and we came back with a great day.

Renato Tavares -

Congrats to all!

good job jhennson! 186 what you been eatin fatty;)


You are a midget, dude!

"special" class? Does that mean I get to take the short bus and get to wear a helmet?

Damn, I wanted to wear the helmet! You always get to wear it!

Thanks guys, next year go to be the Orlando ATT year for sure.

way to go ATT!!

Nice Job guys. Great to see Baga is competing again. Awesome to see a brand new ATT School already kicking ass at tournaments! ATT FTL...



Looking forward to meeting the crew from Orlando in January. Myself and two of my students will be there to train for a week. Wish it could be more but we do what we can.


Congrats you guys thats awesome!

Jhennson give Jon the helmet for once!


Address: 10018 Univesity Blvd. Orlando, FL 32817

dee, dee, deehhhh