hey mike, did I get any good licks in? and if so did you get any shots of it

Which fight did you fight? Unsure who you are by your screen name.

E-mail me at

I have pictures from all the fights.

Mike Seal email me .....

You have mail. You got in several good shots before you got caught in the triangle.

Hope you like the pictures.

"hey mike, did I get any good licks in? and if so did you get any shots of it "


I don't think he's talking About fighting.

hey mike this is chad if you got any of my fight i would ton know if you can email them to me to please.

PS:great fight still mike

chad washburn

You are very lucky I stayed to get pictures, it was cold as ice.

You got mail. About 9 pictures

Krazy Mike - Out

krazy,, this is my email eric wants me to email him so the tjfights was a mix up you sent the pics too him not me.

I got your e-mail returned?

Mike you have mail

Mike your e-mail was returned also?

well thanks for trying

Mike and Chad,
You guys e-mail me and I will return e-mail you with the pictures.

hey mike my wife messed up the email so if you can send them tommorrow it should be back up.

thanks chad

Tell your son it was cool meeting him email me some of my PICS if you can

The Wildman


My son says thanks for the beanie! I have sent you the pictures of your fight, you should have mail.

Mike Seal-Your e-mail keeps getting returned?

Chad-Your e-mail also is getting returned?