att pro members do me a favor

please email me so i can give you the html fight video and interview thank you


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good fight dude! What's your record?

Great fight bro got me pumped!

Great Fight TTT for Trevor Garrett

Nice fight... You look like you hit very hard


nice fight bro! was it a pro fight? what's your record? what's the weight class?

Damn! Like a swarm of bees! Nice!

for later

sweet i got my green name thanks everyone
The fight was 185 yeah it was a pro fight

Nice fight Trevor - e-mail me at - I know a few promoters who would love to have you fight for them!!

Good luck with you upcoming events


Good job, but you should dedicate a lot of time to training sub defence if you've been subbed 6 times in 13 fights.

Trevor is a bad, bad man.