ATT Results From Grapplers Quest

Congratulations to ALL the guys!Andres Soares won the Advanced Flyweight Division. I beleive he subbed all 3 of his opponents. Renato Tavares WON the Lightweight Division beating Alan Teo in the finals. Alan is tough but Renato was able to dominate on his way to winning this division. Not bad for an old man (37)! Congrats Renato!!Pablo Popovitch took 2nd, losing in the finals of the Welterweight by advantage to Diego Sanchez. Nice win for Diego, Pablo is as tough as they come at that weight class.Thiago Jambo won his first match and then lost his next in the Middle weight class.Marcel Ferreira WON the LightHeavyweight Division. Not sure who he beat in the finals but the score was something like 14-0. Another great win for Marcel. He is one of the smoothest grapplers I have seen competing today. Great job Marcel!Marco "Machine" Oliveira won his first match and then lost his next one.Congrats again to all the winners.American Top Team


Great job guys

Great job! Looks like more stuff for the most decorated walls in MMA. You guys will need to open another school just to hold all of your trophies, medals and belts!


good job ATT.

very nice. Congrats to ATT...

Andres Soares was great in the Advanced Flyweight Division on Ring 2. He had Jeff Glover in the finals. Great job and respectful competitor.

Johnny- We are!

Question for your guys get sponsored or comp'd for the travel, food etc.? Do some of your guys not get to go to events due to lack of resources?

Anyone have info on David Jacobs vs Mike Fowler?

Jacobs beat Fowler by mount

Those Silly ATT boys at it again!