I need to call you direct or call me for ordering info.We've been trying to reach you by e mail for the last few weeks about "a return" order, with no repley this order is very important, it's for a X mas gift.Please this is urgent!!!!Please call me 702 638 8033 or my cell 702 592 9038 I just hope this works out in time.Eric Pele...

Is this the Eric Pele that fought Travis Fulton & won at KOTC?

Yup! same fat guy.

Nah,  you're just big boned. LOL :-)  How come you don't have a green name? Email Kirik for one!

I just been out of the loop a long time. i'll shoot kirik a Email thanks.

Welcome back,  sheesh, throw that loop away, ya need to visit more often....

ha ha i will,thanks


I got a TTT for ya, big fella.

JM in Phoenix.

to paraphrase...'What am I doing here? I could be at a buffet
somewhere!'--You. I've quoted that soooo much my man,
thanks for the wisdom

up for Eric!

You sir are the biggest fighter I have ever seen in person.

for sherdog to see........

Eric what happen to your last KOTC for the Title? Scary Jerry?

Krazy Mike

ttt 4 Sherdog.

I just bought some more dvds from him and will continue to do so.

If you really want to support the sport buy from Sherdog. A guy who's been giving to the sport for a long time.

People say that they can get stuff from Wal-Mart, and they can, but if you're going to do that then at least buy your back order stuff from Sherdog.


Just a thought, but posting this at Sherdog may help a bit.