i think everyone knows that stoppage was bullshit , i want a rematch on the next card , any money , no money , i dont care same weight ,make it !

Lot of bullshit stoppages, true, but Fritz was on his way to victory IMO, his takedowns were dope, and his strikes looked fuckin' wicked.

I might be biaised though...i'm a Fritz fan!

Saw the tape... what strikes? The ones to the forearms? He may have landed a couple the camera didn't pick up but still, no way it should have been stopped.

Phillipe Chartier did the worst fuckin' job ever since Leslie Bien-Aimé last night, I admit.

But the thing is...from where I was, Fritz looked like a beast and was delievering punishment since second one.

"Fritz looked like a beast"
-agreed, he always does.

"and was delievering punishment since second one"
-I didn't have a great view so I could be wrong but it looked like Fritz didn't want any part of the stand up game.

I don't think we got any good idea of how the fight was going to go so it's pretty tough to make a good judgement call. I saw Brian after the fight and he looked like he was just getting ready for a fight not coming out of one. I don't think significant damage was done by either party.



ugc says no rematch , i said for free ,free give him my purse , come on if someone i just beat and wasnt AFRAID it was a lucky stoppage and was gonna get mine and his money ,i would sign right away


What's going on here? If this was a bad call, then let's set matters right.