Attaching a Heavybag to Floor?

I have a heavybag I'd like to put on my balcony and for reasons of space and safety I don't want it swinging all over the place so I'd like to attach it to the floor.

Is there any specific equipment that can be used for this? How should I modify the heavybag itself in order to do this?


Does your heavy bag have attachments below the bag? U can get a small chain and tie it to a weight.

I found a screw in hook made for tying bags to the floor.

What kind of bag do u have joe? and where did u get it. curious

I was thinking of buying the Everlast MMA navetear bag. what do u think?

Got mine from lonsdale in the UK.

The 35 kg heavybag.

joe what do u think of this one. Its gonna be for my garage and the price im looking to spend