With the upcomming release of the ufc video game very soon is it possible to get some kind of ufc undisputed ground going? or can we put the mods on alert to move the threads to a different forum (im sure there is a video game forum on here somewhere)

I am dredding sifting through all of the video game threads when the game comes out! i can just see it now..."last night i stayed up to 4am and won the title with amir soddah! it was sweet! hey blue names please help me post my screen shots" aggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!

let us know



 ttt 4 a good idea

they already have a gamerground.

thanks judo...i figured there was something already out there. i hope all of those ufc undisputed threads are moved there by mods... i dont want to see everyones "create a fighter" or see threads with peeps complaining that they cant figure out how to do a flying armbar while up against the cage!

yeah, it gets old..but like anything, it runs it's course..

This is the worst place in the world to be after a ufc, for example, but a week later all is back to normal.

Those kinds of threads that talk about the game dont usually get me, it's the douchebags who think they are clever and make a thread title like.."Serra ko's Hughes" and then shows how they did it on the game...It isnt clever, it's been done a million times and you look like a dumbass for trying to be clever.

 scratches great thread idea

 Hey TJ, does your gym have a website other than myspace, facebook??

No...I need one though!!

Kirik "the almighty" Jenness.... Has a nice ring to it! lofl

TrainJudo - No...I need one though!!
Today might be your lucky day, lol

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 Almighty IMO...

excellent bro, mail back!!


Crazy Zimmerman -  scratches great thread idea

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