would you please consider having an event in the new orleans area. thanks.

...with box seats for the N.O. looter!


Seriously though, a show at the Superdome would be awesome -- stack the card, price the tickets WAY down so the place could fill up with local residents, and donate a large portion of proceeds to local charities.

An event like that could be pivotal in bringing UFC mainstream IMO

^^So tell your Mom to stay home then.

the superdome seats like 75k people

maybe like harrahs

yeah and they have a HUGE fan base with tons of fighters. rich clementi hosts shows right outside new orleans at the harbor center and they sell out in like an hour

Is the Superdome used at all during Mardi Gras? If not, why not then?

UFC 27 was dead, not N.O. These days you could sell out a UFC event in Anchorage Alaska!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Good Idea but Zuffa wont do it. low cash = no deal.

They shouldn't dodge it just because gate revenues might not be proportionally astronomical.... given the charity aspect, the point is that all the benefits of putting on such an event would show up elsewhere. Just stack the card with some big names and PPV numbers alone will go through the roof. Either way, the main reason would be to draw interest back to the city and give the people something to cheer about (look at what an impact the Saints are this year). You think UFC is getting good press now...

By the way, alhough The Superdome seats like 75k people for NFL they wouldn't have to create THAT many seats. The nosebleed section could be reserved for special event lighting, maybe even the kind Pride used to make the ceiling look like the sky (would be the shit you have to admit). Seats should obviously be placed on the field around the Octagon....

And why is UFC 27 being used as a deterrant... UFC has grown just a tiny bit since those days lol ;)

I went to UFC 17? F. Shamrock v Zinoveiv and the place was 1/3 full.

^ or UFC 17?

RuleDogg, I agree with you... BUT... when was the last time you heard of Billionaire casino owners doing shit for charity? They wont only because they dont have to. And Dana's got the "fuck you" mentality which works well with the demographic, just not the other part of the general public. Dana also wont go for it because it would soften his bad-ass image... FP

"Dana also wont go for it because it would soften his bad-ass image..."

Although I don't really care for Dana White, I thought having the show at the MCAS Miramar Base was a really nice thing to do. Politics aside, it's nice to put on a show for the troops.

I know many military families here in San Diego and they all work very hard and really make a crap wage for the risks they take on. I know they really liked the show.

Oh yeah LOLOLOLO @ "So tell your Mom to stay home them"!!!