Attention OLSKOOL

I need you address to mail you your cash...congrats to your boy on the win.

eh hem .... mail to:

Charles McCarthy
1423 SW 107th Ave
Miami, FL 33174

or just send it to your friends at

p.o. box 69
ATL GA 30004 for ahem proper distribution .......

and yes Pat cash is most welcome.............LOL

Charles... ill be mailing the Mail order bride we discussed.


good deal! :)

Can I have a mail order bride as well?
Mr. O'malley please email me at
Thanks for the congrats.

What nationality would you like sir ?


Charles chose a male, ethopean midget... hes got Blonde hair and blue eyes...

my mailing address changed... when you feel like sending the money email me so i can give you a new addy. hope all is well.

pat,you owe me money too for being your up sukka!