attention : serious fighters

if you could, would you participate in an out door, 2 day improvement seminar focusing on conditioning, standup, and grappling all in one? we are currently making preparations to get the first one underway. just trying to get some feedback, we will have some top- notch trainers lined up for 2 days of both fun and pain.

anyone interested?







ttt for a response or 2

ok, well, we are taking off with this in 2 months, and would like to start the r.s.v.p's asap

Right, what is the cost, who are the instructors and what is included?

Are you just attempting to raise a standing army of MMA luminaries to assist in the secession of the Republic of Texas?

same quetions

still working on the details, just wanted to know who would be interested in a literal training "camp" we have acces to a national park to host it, just trying to help promote the sport here in texas, as well as get ouyr new school up and running. btw, i am affiliated with team crutchmaster, as well as warrior nation fight team. like i said before, just wanted to know who would enjoy this sort of thing


There are plenty of Muay Thai camps that happen anually so its about time we had our own camp.
good idea. Keep us posted.

lol at luminaries from the UG...

near coldspring , at a state park about 45 mins north of houston