Attention zero1!!!!!!

Hello zero1!

As you may remember from my "Systema" thread (traditional martial arts ground), I started the russian art about 1 year ago.

I just absolutely love it!

I started training in various arts in 1995, BJJ and MMA in 1996. I came across Systema at around the same time but wasn't mature enough to understand it. God do I wish I had!

Anyway, what principles do you use when you do ground Systema?

Are you as relaxed as when you work standing up?
Because when I do when I roll around with my heavy guys on top, having my arms relaxed put me in danger more often than not. In BJJ, I would T-rex my arms and start escaping. But to T-rex my arms I need to tighten them, therefore lose my relaxation. What is your opinion?

I also try not to use my learned techniques to escape and flow my way out. Do you agree?

Lastly, I have come across Rickson's "connexion" principle? If I understand it correctly, one needs to maintain some degree of tightness to be connected, therefore losing relaxation. What is your opinion on this? Do you think "connection" would be Vassiliev approved?

Thanks for your precious time.


Sorry for the delay, I just saw the posting.

Honestly I don´t care too much where all these things come from and I use internal principles from all kind of arts.

There a few things that are important:

Straight Posture (Spine)
As more you curl yourself into a ball on the ground as less strength and movement ability you have. So giving up a straight posture for doing a movement is something I avoid.

Intent in the contact points
Whereever my opponent grabs me there is my intent. Wherever I touch the ground there is my intent too. In other words. The point of contact between me and my opponent and the point of contact between me and the ground are crucial.

If you can keep your structure between these two points you are free in your movement.

I think there are two connections. One with yourself and one with your opponent. For example lets do sitting guard. Your feet are loosly on the ground and your spine is rounded. You are not very much connected.

If you keep a straight spine. Release tension in the neck press your heels in the ground and focus your contact points with the ground you will feel much more of a connection in yourself and you will be able to move better.

With your external connection you need internal connection first. Then I try to feel my opponents center through the contact point. If he grabs my neck I try to feel his hip through his arms and body. In that way I have much more control about his movement.

Connection is a very deep thing and a good body connection depends on many internal movements but its great to use.

Relaxation in Systema is a big word. But its just one side of the medal. All the good guys have a great structure and body connection too.

It´s important to be relaxed but you need to move as a whole body not just be relaxed.

Also relaxation of the shoulders is imporant otherwise you will tense up your opponent with your own strength.

Its not easy to explain in words. But all this stuff is gold and will change your game very much.

Take care