Attn:Aaron Williams of Mississippi

I'm not sure if Aaron is a member of the UG but if you are, I would like to appologize for my absence at the last FFC.

Out of my 18 pro fights, this is the 1st time I've had to pull out of a show. The days of me fighting on short notice and injured are over for me. I was really looking foward to this match. I did buy your last fight on DVD and thought we could have been a truely exciting fight. I have been depressed and feel really bad I could not fight but the decision was out of my hands.

I have a new manger now and I belive he's going to contact the FFC and see if theres a possiblity of you and I fighting in May or sometime this year in the FFC.

I look foward to meeting you....Joe Jordan


Thanks Jimmy23....Joe Jordan

Joe, where is your green name. Im sure Aaron understands and it was in your best not to fight if your hurt. Look forward to seeing that fight in the future.