Attn AFBJJ/Chris Doyle: PanP Vids?

Is there an official video of the PanPacs or some unofficial tapes floating around that I could buy or trade for?


Hi XgRd,

There was no official video production done this year, although it was considered.

However, I did notice a lot of independent cameras in the venue, so someone on the forum might be able to supply you with some of the matches.


I noticed there weren't video cameras set up this year, what
happened to Mako Natsume? He usually does a great job taping
the PanPacs.

Are you after any particular matches/divisions? I'll have an ask around to see what guys down here have on tape.

The guys I train with have video of most of their matches but they are mostly white belt and some purple/brown belt matches.

If you want I can find out which divisions they fought and get back to you.

Thanks everybody, for your responses. I'm after the women's bluebelt absolute final.

Also, if anyone wants a match, I might have it on tape or know someone who does, just ask.

Thanks again

XgRd - I was time keeping and co-scoring for the women's
bluebelt absolute final. And if I remember correctly, Little Dave
from Dominance MMA was filming the match with this personal
video camera. Maybe you might want to ask him? I may be wrong,
I was there all afternoon and saw through a lot more matches
than I can remember.