ATTN: ALL An Epiphany

TTT for the man, the myth, the legend, Scott Sonnon who is supposed to be back online tomorrow.

I realised tonight why I can't stay motivated with my training.

The class isn't geared towards adults, it's a kids class with adults as an afterthought and my all adult grappling class kind of spoiled me.

No Scott thank you.

I've been reading your stuff for over a year and not getting but a small part of the picture.

It was like someone had shined a light in my face when I read the MA Wired article.

It was great.

I'm waiting for my Tax Relief check so I can order some tapes and ROSS tapes are at the top of my to buy list.

I've been a lurker since I first visited this site.

Asking some basic questions with nothing to really add to the Q&A.

I've been guilty of understanding about 1/3 of everything Scott says.

Well I was reading the Wired article and reviewing some posts on the Q&A and it hit me.

I've lost my motivation and I didn't know why.

Then I realized it was because I was trying to win, at everything.

I loved karate as a young man, why?

I loved grappling when I first got into it but I lost interest, why?

Now I know why.

I started in karate due to low self esteem.

I was 5'8" 165 lbs and I didn't feel confident in my fighting abilities.

I trained hard 5, 6, and 7 days a week.

I was a no fighting fool, I had a good hard instructor and although we didn't do everything we practice basic throws, did bag work, worked on body hardening ie kicking and punching the bottom of the bag and doing drills on a wooden dummy, lots of bodyweight training mainly abs, and your typical kicking and punching but when we sparred no matter if you were a white belt or a black belt you had face contact and groin contact.

This didn't make me highly skilled but it made me damned tough.

I started training with a new instructor who pushed tournement fighting and the winning attitude this was the beginning of my downfall in martial arts training.

I went to basic training and AIT for the Oklahoma Army National Guard and didn't return to the martial arts seriously for a number of years.

Tried to get back into karate but I just couldn't stay motivated.

Then I decided my that my training to be a law enforcement training was severly lacking when it came to addressing my groundfighting needs so I started looking for a school and I found one.

I trained hard and I loved it.

Until I got hung up on winning again and started focusing on the sportive aspect again.

I realized tonight that I never approached shooting my pistol, officer survival skills, driving, or awareness as a game so why should I approach something as beneficial as martial arts training as a win/lose situation.

I'm going to reread as many of Scotts old posts that I've saved on my hard drive, all the threads in the archives, and everything else I can find on the net since now I may be able to understand 1/2 of what he is saying rather than 1/3.

I'm going to approach my training for the best reason of all, to improve my abilites to defend myself and my tribe.

I got goosebumps when I typed that, I think I am beginning to understand, it finally means something to me.

I'm going to read Scotts article in Black Belt magazine, drink some water, and get some sleep.

Good night and good training.

Well done! Scott will have better words to describe this but you've stepped backed, looked for why you weren't in control and now you're going to do something about it.


Good to hear Mule.


Thanks Tony.

I just got done telling Var how much I envied him in being able to train in Chu Fen Do.

Gotta get me some Tony Blauer tapes as well.

I think I'll pick up Grapplers Toolbox 1.1, the Matt Thornton Functional JKD first series, and maybe a Tony Blauer tape.

Mule ,

Sean M. has barely scratched the surface of CFD with me . Fairly hard in the summer to hook up with him , with all the overtime etc . It's a real challenge and a blast to train in '3D' though . I'm sure you've noticed the mutual respect between Mr Sonnon and Mr Blauer , and I think you'd agree there is a certain complicity in their respective material . I suggest you go thru the archives and web pages of each and I'm sure you'll find suggestions on which tapes might be a good starting point for you .

Regards , Var

--"I got goosebumps when I typed that.."--

That says it all .... those feeling are usually indicative of a truly personal epiphany ( In my experience ) . Means things finally snapped into place , and you honestly have begun to turn a corner in your approach to training and indeed life in general .

Good stuff !

Cheers , Var

TTT for the other ROSSafarians.

I know Scott is going to be offline for a few more days so I may save this and email it to him if this disappears before he can see.

I have a big question on motivation as well.

Thanks for all the input guys.

It's great when something just clicks.