2 q's

where u the guy holding olegs belt after the ruas match

what was the purpose flying scissor type attack oleg was doing on ruas and severn that he kept landing in butterfly guard or on his side

it's andreh

thats what the shirt said on the back of it

does anyone know what the flying scissors were supposed to do i dont think ive seen anyone try that in nhb


Sorry, I wasnt there for that fight. I was with Oleg when he fought in Japan against Yanagisawa, Alabama against Renzo, and Alabama again against Chuck Lee. There may have been some other fights, but I cant remember right now... I definitely was not there for UU.

Oleg used to have this scissor takedown right into a leg lock that he would pull off all the time in training, but I guess it didnt work as well in that fight. I dont remember him doing that in the fight specifically though.

thanks andre

in both ruas and severn fights he seemed to do 2 versions where hed do a flying viktor nage w/o using his hands and then another one with no hands that looked like it was supposed to be a old school self defense move into rear knee compression

I'll have to rewatch those to see. Do you train in Sambo or Judo?

im in centex so bjj and some judo there is no sambo im aware of