Attn: Angelo Popofski

Hey Angelo,

I'm lookin for some training back home for the summer and was thinking about training at Warrior Way. I wanna do BJJ, Muay Thai, and MMA. Just wondering how much it would be and if I had to do a contract or something.

WW is a bit of a drive from my place but I know you guys run a good facility, so hopefully I can make it out there. Let me know,


Where are you at Kyle? (city)

I go to MSU, but for the summer I'll be at home in Rockwood. Its around downriver, so Taylor, Allen Park, Riverview, etc.

Hey Kyle, if you haven't gotten ahold of Angelo, shoot me an email - I have Angelo's e-mail address (at least what it was a few months back).

You can always just call up to the school too and talk to someone.. (248) 960-4884 calling a few minutes before or after classes start you will generally get someone important enough to answer your questions.

you should cut my grass. will make a real man out of you.


Stephen I think you're the one that should be doing the landscaping...

how is your gay ex-police chief?

you should be in school. to hell with taking the summer off. just gut it out and finish sooner.


Hey Kyle I hope you make up to train with us.

Big Don


Kyle! Sorry, I've been busy lately and without Internet since I moved...Email me at I have some options for you. your email, but I'm heading out the door for training...I'll email
you ASAP when I get home tonight.