ATTN AnthonySullivan

You fuggen KILL it on the HG with your contributions!


Beers at the Mai Tai's bar when you make your way to Hawaii.

No Romo.

Standing by. I'll see what contributions I can make when I get to a real computer

I'm out selling Ice and hiding from The DOG right now.

 I want to see Beth's tits.

Yeah, but I want to see what they look like when they hang on their own.

Its just a curiosity thing. 

Naks is my hero! (100% Romo)

AnthonySullivan -  It's nipple belly button nipple.  I guarantee.  I've seen a bunch that size and the hanging stretch marks are enough to make you crave a pair of small firm tits.  Plus, I bet Beth has nipples that look like peanuts.
could you constitute that as a belly ring also if she had her nipples pierced? I am just wondering. I would think that if they sag that far you would be able to call it a 2-for-1 piercing, couldn't you?



 That'd be fucked up if she put one loop through both nipples and her belly button.

Wow. Mishits fans are retarded sometimes.

 Lawls at the lack of compasion...

 If she was a real juggalo she wouldn't have wanted help anyway.

My brother started a riot at an ICP show once. They decided 2 hours after the show was supposed to start to cancel it. So my brother started throwing Faygo everywhere and everyone else started smashing shit.

I saw a black chick pass out at Wal~Mart a couple days ago. I thought about helping, but a manager was there when it happened and wouldn't let anyone help her. It was ridiculous, but I figured it gives them good reason to sue if she died or something because the dumbass managers wouldn't let anyone do anything about it.

  I like ICP, but I agree, almost all of their fans are fucking RETARDED.

 I met a juggalette that I thought was fuckable, but then I got her pants off and saw her chupacabra of a vagina and said "nevermind"

Lol I was joking about compassion at a concert. I got choked half to death by some 3 bouncers at a concert at the Cains when I was 16 they kept choking me while they carried me out by my belt and I had a seizure FACT! they let me back in once they found out I was breaking up the fight and not part of it cause my buddy was getting smashed.

 Fuck the messicans if they can't learn english its their fault for the consequences!

 Brah, what you guys talking about over here Brah? you guys like see my wife's floppy tits? Go with Christ!

 Yuck. and thats saying alot because I have low standars...

If Beth were 200 pounds lighter....

she'd still be too heavy. but then of course i'd still gag her with my cahk cause there's no better use for it.