Attn: Art Vandelay!

Dude, what's up with trying to turn me into Manny or Fearless Goat? Seriously, that's not cool, I don't want to piss people off on here with spamming threads. Come to my new fight club in Lansing anytime and let's roll. Shit, let's tape it for the forum too. Set a date in January and bring your lackies with you. You're lucky I introduced you to this stuff in the first place man.

Is this the famous guy who owns Vandelay Industries based out of New York City ??

No, unfortunately it's the not so famous elementary school teacher
from Livonia who's been giving me major sassback on the forum lately.

Wish it was though, that would be more interesting.


Awesome, let's do this.

Art, one month to train. We need to setup some rules too. I want to
wear headgear for this because I have a "real job" unlike you during the

Uncle Justice, can you drop me an email:


Art, quit posting Sponge Bod Square pants pictures and respond!

Thanks for the help.


Open hand strikes and kicks allowed on our feet.

Headgear optional

Open hand strikes allowed on the ground.

All submissions legal accept heel hooks.

Old school UFC, no time limit. Ref has to stand us up after 1 minute on the ground.

Accept the challenge Art!

Art was my roommate at Western Michigan University. I was wearing a Stone Cold Austin t-shirt at orientation when I noticed he was staring at me. I thought he was gay at first, but found out that he was just a big wrestling fan. I got him into MMA real fast after that. We trained for like 3 years and he got really good. I talk to him occasionally now in the last 2 years after graduation, but I hear that he's a training freak. He's been disrepecting me on here lately when I usually get some good threads going for conversation. More importantly, he thinks he's better than me now from whoever he's training with and I need to prove him wrong.

This aint TEXA$, go closed fist!!!

Art, closed fists to the body both on the ground and feet.

I'm going to post personal stuff about Art every hour until he responds.

In college, Art bought a "how to make a balloon animals" book and became an expert in just two weeks.


What happened is that I woke up and you didn't. You got nothing on me.

........Yes, so you accept?

You're no friend of mine now. The first Saturday of February, it's on! Start training.

OK< MAN!! Make sure u guys tape this man and then put it up on the UG for all of us too see man... good luck man and I hope u guy can be friends man after the fight man.

thanks man.

How did this great thread fall off???

I say good luck to the both of you. I don't see how an architect who designs railroads can win a fight though :P

Seriously, I don't see what the fuss is all about, but I hope neither of you get hurt and you can kiss and make up. Not in a gay way, though.

"Dude, what's up with trying to turn me into Manny or Fearless Goat?"

LMAO!!! he did get you good with the barbazzon thread though