Attn: Canooke Re: Couture Likeable

Randy will Win by Decision or submission.

On your comment about Randy? Ah What? Are you kidding me? Randy has won and done everything that you will never do.

Randy is still a true person. I have met him several times. The difference is Randy make business decisions now inwhere he made personal decisions back when he first started.

Randy is my Hero as I am 42 and wish I could kick all the ass he has; Tito Chuck Tim just to name a few, hell I would be happy to say I hit one of the three I named during a sparring.

Canooke - You must be new to MMA? or have never had a professional fight in your life?, to make the comment about Randy you are stuppid! Randy is the Captain America off MMA.

I always say if you would not say something to someone's face the shut the F%%K up!

I tell you that Randy would kick your ass! Probably even when he is in a walker..

TTT for Randy Couture

ttt for Randy

TTT, don't talk shit on the Natural.

Canooke? Canadian?

Randy Couture = Captain America


PeterIrl-Agreed 100%

Stand up for Randy.

rkjmd ttt

Randy Couture's family came from Canada. His family left and went to the USA.

I have personally made Randy an hounoury Canuck and therefore he is loved by all Canadians.

Randy would forgive Canooke and tell him to train hard and eat his greens.

In the meantime, Randy will defend his HW title and all will be right in the world.

Watch you mouth call Captain America Canadian.

You don't have to like it but that is where his roots came from.

He's beloved up here and we accept the fact that he's American and STILL love him.

We Canadains love the Man, wether he is Canadian or American, he can come up to the North and drink beers and do Hooter shooters all day and I don't imagine he would pay for a drink. Greatest man in the sport.

KrazyMike I was going to give you shit for not just posting this on the original thread. But this does deserve it's own thread. Canooke is not very likeable in my book. Randy is the man! Hopefully he beats Gonzaga then beats Fedor and then retires from fighting for good at the top of the heap

Aleck911-I agree with you and I did post the thread Canooke posted

Go Randy

"Randy Couture's family came from Canada. His family left and went to the USA."

Correction, Randy Couture's family came from Europe. His family left and went to Canada.


Correction, Randy Couture's family came from Africa. His family migrated to Europe.

I'm from Canada and people love Couture up here. Canadians like class. Randy is all class.

Let the haters hate. They just hate themselves.

So, because you're old, past your prime, and feeling a little down, I can't start a discussion about Randy Couture?

I read all the posts on my thread. Yours wasn't one of the better ones. You didn't need to copy and paste it on to a thread of it's own.

Who can beat Gonzaga? The RandyMan Can!