ATTN: Cardamone

Getting dark outside. I need to see properly so I don't trip on a stone. Whats the difference, if I can do them next week I can do them now it's all the same to me, the time frame is pretty close. My camera doesn't have a light so I will have to wait until next week. Im busy this weekend.

PussyGaloreFightTeam - . Im busy this weekend.

 No you're not.

PussyGaloreFightTeam - ok next week when I work out I will set up my video camera and videotape me doing 1,000 windmill kicks. But it's hard to do them all on cement so some will be on cement and some will be on grass.

I think this is a good idea, especially since you don't have your fights on tape.

At some point you'll be too old to do those and will want video to prove you could and potentially help get you laid.

For good measure I would also throw in 1,000 Diego Sanchez YES cartwheels. Phone Post

hmm.. doing 1000 windmills is no easy task, even for me. It would have been so easy during my teens. But I can do them with proper stretching and preparation and concentration..

But hell no fuck what the fuck are those Mexican Hispanic Cartwheels? I am not into Hispanics after I heard two shot a man in front of his kids.

Why are you prejudiced against our Mexican brothers?

You're acting just like the deaf-hating KKK now. Phone Post

PussyGaloreFightTeam - I am not into Hispanics after I heard two shot a man in front of his kids.


I believe that Hispanics worship the devil/demons and that those two hispanics worship devils.

I had a dream about Hispanics having a party and doing lots of Cocaine and they started putting on demon masks and then there was the Devil they were worshipping..

Hispanics put weird shit in the pot they smuggle to the U.S. It is NOT to be smoked.