ATTN: Chip Cochran


This is Brendan Raedy. Long time no....type.... I guess....

Well, Ill be back in the D.C area this Saturday. LONG school year! Im sure your real busy, but was just wondering what your training is like these days, wrestling and BJJ.

Let me know, we should meet up, here's my email:

Take care,


What's up Brendan!

How was the first year of school? Hopefully you're taking advantage of having Greg Jones as a workout partner to succeed him as NCAA champ! (Hopefully, you're also taking advantage of having all those hot little WVU girls to chase after as well!)

Any sort of training for me is about to come to a screeching halt for a little while. My wife is expecting a baby and is due in just two weeks (!) which means that it could basically happen any moment at this point! Yikes! So I think the first couple of months after the baby comes will be sort of tough to find time...

I'd love to work out, but I can't really schedule anything at the moment. I'll be in touch though.


First year of school was good. Actually finished with a 4.2! Greg Jones and WVU was great, but Im transfering to UVA next year. Got a great opportunity to join an up and coming program, get mat time, and really raise the academic bar. But I have a good model to follow now on how to reach my goals and Im greatfull for it.

The broads at WVU did get a little of me, well leave it at that.

Congrats on the baby. May I suggest Brendan as a name?
Good luck on the upcoming weeks. Say good bye to sleep!

Stay in touch buddy. I got all my training out here in West Fairfax now. Rasslin at GMU and BJJ at Yamasaki in Chantilly. Im content!

Take it easy, stay in touch,