ATTN: Chris or Kirik

Pick a number between 1-31.

Everyone that entered the Bellator Chicago Tix giveaway has a number next to their name. The order is random...

First one of you that post a number picks the winner for the 2 VIP tickers to the event at the Aragon Ballroom this Friday!


This thread is now open to Mayhem Miller.

Chris, Kirik or Mayhem....pick a # 1-31


Can I play?

TTT for Chambers!

it's gotta be 32


I demand a recount.

 BTW, Kirik you have mail. Thanks

 Only 31 people joined? :( 

Man Candy

 i hope it wasn't in the order we posted because honestly who would ever pick #1.... : (


 damn it, Kirik beat me to it!

The answer is 42...whoops wrong question.