ATTN: Chris,Wade,Hermes,Randy,Jeff

Hey Guys,

As you most likely know by now there has been some trouble as of late concerning some heavy trolling and trouble-making in reference to the Seminar that you all are so graciously offering to Instruct at. 

I know that Fearless Goat is taking this to heart as nothing is more important to him than directing an awesome Seminar of Champions for both the children of St. Jude's and to everyone in attendance. 

My message to you five guys is first a huge thank you for supporting FG and the kids.  Secondly, exercise extreme caution if you receive any phone calls or emails containing any negativity about the event or FG.  Some people are taking this a little too far and now they may be reaching out to you personally to stir up trouble. 

I know this Seminar is going to ROCK and it's because all of you are good guys and you are putting in the effort to make it a success. 

Thanks fellas and best wishes.





GREAT cause....

GREAT effort.....


A troll contacted one of the 5 instructors stirring up a lot of trouble. The troll told the individual a bunch of crap that I supposibly said about him, and I never did. I called and talked to the person on the phone, and forwarded him all the trolling emails I have got so he would know what was going on.


The lineup HASNT changed, and all 5 are still attending. I emailed all 5 of the instructors with the trolling emails!




TTT for people to see the good!

TTT for all of those who have a soft spot in their heart, the wonderful fighters, the great forum members & Robert.... for even attempting such a feat!!! :-)

These guys need to stop trying to fuck over sick children. I'm
becoming soooo quickly disenchanted with a lot fo these so
called 'fans.' If you want to stick it to a fighter, that's fine. Ya
don't like Gannon? Good. Think Tito's a prick? Who gives a
shit what you think anyway? But for the love of god these
fake fucks and their keeboard need to stay away from

Thanks Derek!

You got it bro, trolls need to stick to their expertise in bashing
fighters when they don't deserve it and just draw the line at

Well said, Ben and Derek. Robert is taking on an enormous endeavor here for children. People need to get a life of their own. Good luck.

Fearless, can you please email me at


Lisa- Email sent hun!

TTT for a good cause. I have yet to be the victim of a charity choke, but there is a first time for everything.

"Ugliest Choke I ever saw" 




Benkei- How are you doing bro? Have you talked to pequeno for me?