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In an mma match, where your opponent has a decent sprawl and also a height advantage, how do you set up a jab to get into a clinch when your opponent is also effectively striking and utilizing the reach advantage?

Macedawgg!!...I'm not a MMA fighter and I prefer to keep the fight standing, but let me give this a shot.

One thing that I think would help to execute any technique in MMA is better fakes.  If you are good at using realistic fakes and false starts, you keep your opponent a little bit off balance and can possibly find an opening to attack.  It also stops your opponent from loading up a big counter attack the moment you move.  Fakes have saved my bacon many times.  Using good fakes alone would probably help set up the jab.

"The better the act, the more effective the attack."  Sam Pai Kenpo/3 Shields Grandmaster Joe Dimmick

How about using a low kick with your front leg to bridge the gap and follow with a jab?  If you fight with your left leg in the lead, you would kick low with your left leg, jab with your left hand as you plant forward.  You can also fake the kick by bringing your knee up.  Having your knee up, will also give you protection.  Once you have thrown the jab, you will have momentum on your side, so you might as well continue with other strikes, especially if you land the jab.  A straight right hand, followed by a left hook works well.  Nothing like clinching with someone after rocking their world with some good strikes first.  As soon as I got in clinching range, I would fire off a knee strike(s) and follow up with elbows.  

Gary Hughes, Team Macedawgg   

Awesome comments as usual Sam Pai!


most people make the mistake of either not following up on the jab, with either other strikes from their power hand, throwing a knee or by not using their jabbing hand to turn into an uppercut or lead hook. If the jab isn't doing enough, you have to follow through with the power hand or by using that jabbing hand to keep the distance between you and the person shooting on you.

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Why you? Because you and others you have trained have vouched for your striking knowledge and teaching ability.

OK--one hint, is the footwork the same as in boxing or is it modified because of the threat of kicks/take downs?

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