attn dana? please sign ricardo arona!

--Ricardo Arona was at the UFC show at the press conference trying to get a meeting with Dana White.  Arona was one of the star light heavyweights in Pride.  

Didn't he come out with a statement saying his main focus of being there was for Rogerio and he wasn't necessarily looking to get a contract?

Arona vs Akiyama = the sexiest PPV of all time


Arona has a ton of rust on him, catch his last fight? I really hope he fights again before he steps into the UFC

he had a bad knee for his last fight, but i believe he's had surgery now.

Please Dana!

do it now!

Love to see it, but I also question how effective Arona will be after all this time off.

The cage and elbows certainly favor him, but he's got a ton of ring rust and the LHW division is so stacked.

His best chance for a successful comeback would be to commit himself to training with Black House and to fight at 185 IMO.

We'll see. I hope! lol


Have him fight King Mo and Gegard to see where he's at.


Arona with elbows, I like that idea.

Neo Cyrus - Dana should make a UFC calendar. Arona, GSP, Sexyama, etc. Women and sherdog members will love it.

you thought of it.... beep

He was on my flight to ATL yesterday. He is a nice guy and was happy to take pics. He said his talk with Dana went well :) Ill post a pic soon.

the UFC does not need another point fighting wrestler in its league. Save the money Dana, buy some fighters who try to finish fights.

Arona is perfect for the cage and the unified rules, strong takedowns with excellent control on the ground, we may be looking on the future UFC champ


he wants quinton!

shootfightermike -  ttt

he wants quinton!