Attn. Dana RE: Yves vs Hermes

Can we please make this for the Lightweight title?

Maybe we can turn this into a petition.....

I would love to see this fight for a title -- but I imagaine
making it a title fight would create some problems re: fighter
pay and ppv time as the fight shifts from 3 rounds to 5....

why should it be?...Josh Thomson is ahead of Hermes for a shot at the title since he beat him...the winner of this fight can than fight The Punk for the LW championship.

i agree with Cro....

since Josh won a controversial dec., he beat Hermes in the books

controversial to some...and not to others...nonetheless it's a WIN!!

ttt for future LW champion Josh Thomson!!!

Josh did beat Franca, and I originally titled my thread Thomson vs Edwards, but Josh appears to be injured and will not be ready until June. Yves is deserving, Hermes in next in line.

I think they are saving the lightweight title for the tv deal.

They might want to crown a champ on tv after a tourney.

No way.

There should be more buildup.

Both are on the level imo but aside from Franca's upset over Uno, neither has beat a top fighter at this point.

Yves lost to Uno and Serra.

Franca may have gotten the better of Thomson (and the worst from Landless) but that is still not a clear or legit victory.

The winner of this one should def. be a top contender but i dont think it should make for the championship.

But the UFC LW div. is pretty diff. now with the emergence of Franca, the loss of Uno and BJ WW win.

There's still Bang, Sudo, Serra, Thomas, Thomson, and what about Vasquez?

There's Gomi, Hansen, Mishima (who Ralph suprisingly dominated), Shaolin, and now Uno in Shooto.

I wonder if Kid Yamamoto or Pequeno will bulk up for 155? Perhaps they should face off in 145 first?

"and what about Vasquez?"

I beleive Vasquez reinjured his knee and retired. Not 100% positive, but I seem to recall hearing that.

We've been without a champion in the lightweight and middleweight divisions for more than a year&close to two years, maybe more. I just think thats a long time for a division to be champion-less.