Attn: Dana. UFC V. Pride GP

I am telling you, you would make MMA history if you put this tourney together. Unify the belts for one tournament...Grand Prixs. 2 separate GPs.

1st GP- Heavyweight GP. One side of the bracket the best heavies from the UFC (Sylvia, Mir, Ricco, Arlov, Cabbage, etc). The other side of the brackets, the best heavies of Pride (Cro Crop, Fedor, Mino, Ninja,Coleman, etc). Two tournaments. First is the qualifier for the invited fighters. One fight per person. The second tournament, two fights to get to the finals.

2cd GP, the light-heavies!!!!! Same structure. Two tournaments (first is qualifier of invited fighters, and second the finals). Two fights in order to get to the finals. On the UFC Bracket would be guys like Tito, Randy, Chuck, Vitor, maybe Matt Hughes, ect.) On the Pride side there would be Arona, Sak, Vanderlei, Quinten, Oveereem (sp?), Renzo or Ryan, etc. Where would Newton go ;)

For both tounaments, one more thing should be done. Since there are two touraments for each GP (the qualifier and final). One show would be in the Tokyo dome. And the final would be in one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas. The nervecenter of Pride (Tokyo) v. the nervecenter of UFC (Las Vegas). USA v. Japn. And for each GP you take turns on where the finals will be held.

I guarantee you that you WILL make MMA history. It would be a defining moment for the sport in terms of becoming mainstream.

1. YOu have a minimum of four shows. That equals a mountain full of money.

2. Both shows will make an impact on each others markets. It will be the perfect gateway into a new market. New potential.

3. Plus, it would make MMA look more mainstream because it will be brought to the locals attention that MMA is truly an international phenomenon. It will force people to, at the very least, discuss MMA. Word of mouth about the sport,its ethics, its coolness, etc. can be defining. Such exposure and discussion could eventually help lead to possible TV deals.
4. The drama that would form will be so marketable for both the japanese (they love drama), and the American fans. They will go crazy!! Some examples; Who will Newton fight for; Japan v. USA; Pride v. UFC; Training partners having to compete against each other (i.e.- Tito and Jackson, etc).

Negative consequences:
1. First, both you and Pride will be allowing each other to enter one anothers economic markets'. You bring the risk of becoming a number 2 show. Bringing the competition home.

Here is my response to that. Just as much as they threaten you economically, you also threaten them. Sure they may have more money, but you also have a great show.
Also, this is an inevitability. Pride, for some time now, has been lobbying to put a show in the states. UFC, has in the past put shows on internationally (England, brasil, japan). It is going to happen. So why not both of you make money?

2. Second concern, Japan may not be in your financial capacity because of taxes and how much more expensive things are. Plus, both parties have connections in there respective cities. Financially, it may not be equitable. But what if it is? That is the better question.
Finally, you have to balance your interests with the negative points. Would the benefits of putting a GP together (i.e.- money, exposure, making history, exposing the sport [most important]) outweigh the negatives of doing it (i.e.-bringing in your competition; even considering that was eventually going to happen), and passing up an opportunity to do something monumental for the sport as a whole.

What do others think of my idea? And would your conclusion be the same as mine?

Dana, please give us your thoughts. The fans want to know. Thank you.


goku, do you think it a crazy/stupid idea?

goku, do you think it a crazy/stupid idea?

I would actually love to work for the UFC. I have some things on my resume which could maybe be appreciated in the exectutive office. I guess that could be many peoples dream job. lol

I know the write-up wasa long. But I could not help myself. The idea was so feasible I had to really think it out. If you can, read it and tell me what you think. Thanks.

Your talents are needed elswhere. Zuffa would never do that.

omaplata for president

This will never happen as the UFC (Dana)does not want thier belts going back to Japan, which is what would happen.

Omoplata, I like this idea but I don't believe it would ever happen. The main problem is that Dana cannot trust the people from pride. Remember at UFC 40 when Takada said he was sending Fujita and Sak to the UFC? I'm still waiting but not holdong my breath.

Satan buys snowblowers before this happens

Another problem would be the fight purses. Such high named guys all on the same card. Could it be equitable. Well, if they were able to do it in other Pride GPs, I would think they could do it for this GP as well. Jesus, it would be awesome.

Dana, where are you? Please, just give us your thoughts on this one.


What the?