If you really wanna overshadow StrikeForce's HW tournament this year without resorting to the usual type tactics you should put together either:

A)  Light Heavyweight UFC Grand Prix


B)  Open Weight Grand Prix (like in the old pride days)

You love money?   That shit will make you a ton of money and will make the hardcore fans happy (fucking elated even) and maybe even get you some fringe fans.  Would definitely bring back the buzz to the UFC like you had a couple of years ago during the Chuck and Randy championship days. 

Just a suggestion from a loyal "UFC" fan. 

he knows what a grand prix is but hasnt listened to my plea that i been giving for the last 10 year

There is zero chance of an open weight tournament, and I doubt any sort of tournament is on Dana whites agenda, even tho it would be amazing! Phone Post

The UFC treats each weight class as a brand.

Each brand has it's own earning power.

An open weight tournament, while an epic treat for fans, and true to the spirit of the sport, runs in opposition to the UFC business model, because a loss diminishes the brand value of their individual champions.

Crowning an absolute champion would shift brand value away from individual champions and over to the absolute champ.

Since one person cannot defend a title 15 times a year on PPV, it would be a guaranteed drop in profitability.

This is why, sadly, an absolute GP will not happen.

lol, nice work

So the UFC would decided to compete with Bellator's LHW tourny instead? nice.

my prediction is Dana reads here everyday and already has plans to make one.I have no inside info


officedrone23 - There will be a UFC GP right after the new TUF intro music debuts, which drops right after the new PPV intro debuts. It's all happening people!

I lol'd again

nice one